Yannick Fournié

Yannick Fournié (born in 1972 in the South of France).

After enrolling at the École des Beaux Arts in Bordeaux, he eventually decided to join the army. His quest for identity, and the lack of a military father absent from his life, compelled him to enroll in the parachute regiment. He stayed there for three years. This experience, although emotionally very powerful, only partially fulfilled his expectations. Taken with freedom and in search of new experiences, he pursued a career in sport.
In 2010, he eventually gave in to the nagging and unappeased need to paint. Twenty years of an intensely lived life were required to wean him off his quest for meaning.
For three years, alone in front of the canvas in his studio, Yannick Fournié has uncompromisingly painted subjects that appeal to him, worlds into which he injects strength and inwardness. Yannick Fournie’s paintings features portraits and glimpses
of ironic and melancholic images that deal with identity…the ambiguity of someone who wants to assert their position and
play with their balance in society.
“I belong to a rich and dense generation where everything jostles with everything else: Pop Art, Comics, Street Art, the brilliance of the Internet and social networking, of reality television, contemporary audiovisual trash. I am the euphoric,
baffled witness to a social, economic and ecological disintegration that I sometimes find beautiful.”
From peeled-back portraits to glorified bodies, the artist’s world takes us into his depiction of social, political or religious
icons or just anonymous people. His is a clear and sensitive eye, raw and not devoid of provocation, extremely demanding and with a real singularity..