Wil Jansen

In her oil paintings Wil Jansen is inspired by motives from nature to start an investigation of the fundamental aspect of the art of painting.
Always looking for: colour and form, the characteristics of the material, to the searching for patterns & rhythms. Some of the paintings are the expression of emotions, but always in a controlled way, a finished composition is the result of a pure abstract vision.
The outcome (which is mostly painted all prima) is a field of colored areas, lines, and dots, stripes, cracks and craters, showing explicit how the paint in repetitive thick layers is applied to the canvas. So the aspects of colors and structures seems to be endless….
It’s definitely difficult to characterised Jansen’s work in a particular way, is it close to abstract expressionism or color field painting? But we can be sure that her almost modulated brush strokes are vibrant and powerful.
Since a few years Wil Jansen’s paintings are presented on several Art Fairs in the EU and upcoming at the Art Toronto fair end of October 2018.