Mark Jenkins

Mark Jenkins (Born 1970,US)

Is an internationally acclaimed an American artist known for his mixed media sculptures and street installations he places throughout urban and environmental settings, sometimes with, but often without permission. Playful and enigmatic, his work successfully transforms the ordinary into the unexpected. Whether indoors or out, his work engages its viewers and provoke a complex examination of self and surroundings.

Nothing in Mark Jenkins’s early life pointed to a career in art. The science graduate only became an artist after messing around with packaging tape and discovering its potential as a sculpting material.
He created his first life-sized figure made from tape ten years ago, displaying it on the streets of Rio de Janeiro. Jenkins’s figures have enriched the streets of cities all around the world, (London, Dublin, Moscow, NY, Barcelona, Cologne,…) shifting our sense of irony and humor while questioning the accepted realities, norms and conventions of their surroundings. As Jenkins once explained, “If the city was a body, my artworks were like herpes – the body attacks itself.“