Helle Jetzig

Helle Jetzig (Born, 1956 Emden-Germany).
For H.J. photography is never a means of capturing, documenting or recording, never simply preserving a moment. It’s always about looking around in astonishment concealed in the winding compositions of the images there is always a firm core of amazement, a curiosity about that improbability which conspicuously undermines all cognitive certainty.

In taking photographs, Helle Jetzig lays the foundation stones for the de-spatialized spaces he has set his sights on. It is still the paint that shortens and widens the proportions, that deepens the incisions and opens up the prospects, that pushes something into the foreground in one section and pushes something back in another. The colored parts on the photo constructs stages set in layers from various sections of scenery and lays over the scenes a gently billowing veil.