Corinne Lecot

Corinne Lecot (lives and works in Brussels)
Corinne Lecot’s work is striking because she doesn’t portray people. She departs from situations: coincidental passers-by and their everyday movements. Her basis as a painter-draughtswoman is a great help. The individuals are portrayed carefully and compositionally in balance. This is astonishing because the photos are taken in one shot. The milky white background produces a mysterious result while remaining definable. She tries to draw the observer deeper into her work.
She goes a step further in her newest series entitled ‘Like Children’. She leaves behind the buzz created by her previous series, Parcours, to start a new duality with frivolous subjects. After a recent trip through the US, she integrates icons from the comic and Pop Art worlds.
Lecot’s photography resembles a contemporary painting expression; an approach that makes her unique in this genre and that will surely continue to surprise us in the future.