About Us

About Galerie VDP

Founded in 1990, Galerie Van Der Planken represents and regularly exhibits works of art by established and emerging artists. The gallery primarily focuses on paintings, sculptures and graphics.

Over the years, the gallery has continually introduced young, emerging artists. It has always searched for serious as well as accessible and affordable artists. With its help, Hans Bruyneel, Gosti, Olivier Aubry, Tony Soulié, Liesje Reyskens, Felix Baudenbacher and others have built up a significant reputation.

In addition to exhibiting works by contemporary, post-war artists, Galerie Van Der Planken also provides a full range of consulting services. These services are a vital part of the gallery’s activities.

It also utilizes an extensive array of resources, cultivated over the years, to offer both private and corporate clients the following services: consultation for private acquisition, certified appraisals, framing, professional restoration, etc.

Galerie Van Der Planken looks forward to serving all of your art needs