Wouter van de Koot

Artist statement:
In the work of Wouter van de Koot (°1978) all actions pivot around the strength and fragility of the human body, with a strong fascination for the games of power and trust to which no one is a stranger. Human figures, seemingly engrossed in ritual acts, occupy the paintings and drawings, revealing an uncomfortable undercurrent of lust, obsession and need. Their actions seem to be mundane at times, but they clearly possess a dark and mysterious side, as they might be possessed themselves. This feeling of mystery is enhanced by the frequent use of negative space, in which the invisible might be even more important than the depicted. The images which Wouter van de Koot evokes are rooted in personal experiences, fears and fantasies which he connects with (art)historical theme’s and characters.
Wouter van de Koot lives and works in Antwerp, where he currently studies painting at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (MA).