Silvain (born in 1950, works and lives in Belgium)
At a young age, his parents divorced and he is educated by an older aunt who has a toy shop.
Hours of isolation and misunderstanding will characterise him for his later work and life. By that, this short digression into the artist’s private life is fundamental to understand the artist’s pictorial work.
As a self-taught artist, he is spending hours with painting and drawing; these hours of practising and self study formed him.
In his early work Silvain is influenced by his friend and compatriot: the surrealistic legend Paul Delvaux.
In the late eighties he became aware of a strongly inspired imagery; drawings and sketches made by mentally deranged adults and children.
The artistic language of these persons is not influenced from an aesthetic point of view.The pure and childish work recalls fragments of Art Brut, (the art of the interior). Silvain will walk his own way further into this direction.